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What to Bring

When preparing for a fishing adventure, packing properly is the number one thing you can do to ensure you have a great experience. Being a fishing outfitter and industry professional allows us here at Whitefish Lodge and Outpost Camps to plenty of opportunities to travel, and through those travels we have learned to pack efficiently by focusing on the essentials. The following checklist can help you get organized and get the most out of your next big trip.


Clothing is an important consideration when packing for any outdoor fishing trip. Being properly outfitted will keep you comfortable and safe, so you can enjoy your adventure.

Warm Climates

Temperate and tropical climates can be just as demanding as cold-weather destinations. Sometimes folks traveling to warm places overlook this, assuming they can get away with shorts and a T-shirt. With the wrong attire, spending multiple days in the sun can turn your trip of a lifetime into miserable grind. These items will help you stay comfortable during your trip:

Cold Days

The days can get cold during the fishing season and it is important to choose high-quality outerwear and layering options. Don't skimp on the waterproof clothing and make sure you bring plenty of extra underwear and socks, in case you get soaked. The following is a list of cold-weather items I never leave on a trip without:

Our normal operating season goes from the middle of May to end of September. In the spring our walleye season opens the 3rd Saturday of May fishermen that arrive before this date will have the opportunity to fish everything but the walleyes.

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